Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amsterdam in Autumn

Weather in Amsterdam in Autumn

Autumn in Amsterdam
In particular, the fall in Amsterdam is one of the best times to go – the weather is still pleasant, especially in the early autumn, and yet most of the crowds have left. The fact that the prices start to go down after the high season is, in some ways, just a bonus.
As mentioned, the weather in early fall tends to be pretty much like what it was in the late summer. As you get further into the fall, the temperatures drop off and you’re likely to need a jacket to ward off the cooler evenings. October and November are Amsterdam’s rainiest months, as well, so carry an umbrella with you as you walk from museum to museum. Even in September it’s not out of character for the heavens to open up on a regular basis for brief periods, but it’s rarely enough to warrant more than ducking into a shop for a few minutes.
Be sure to check a current forecast before you leave so you know exactly what to expect and how to pack for your trip.
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Cost of Visiting Amsterdam in Autumn

Vondel Park Amsterdam - Autumn
Since summer is the high season, you can expect prices on things like airfare to Amsterdam, and apartments in Amsterdam to drop after the summer crowds leave. Certainly you’d find even lower prices if you waited until the winter to visit, but if you want to avoid the coldest and wettest weather the fall is an excellent compromise.
September is when the annual Jordaan Festival takes place, as well as the national Open Monument Day. In October there’s the Amsterdam Marathon, the Bock Beer Festival (the country’s largest beer festival), and the Amsterdam Dance Event (the city’s nightclubs are hopping each night of the event). November is home to Museum Night in Amsterdam, the High Times Cannabis Cup, and the start of the holiday season with Saint Nicholas’ arrival.

My Amsterdam Autumn Wish List for 2014

So here are the things I want and hope to do in Amsterdam while I'm still here. I'll check back in with this list in a few months or so to see how we're getting on...
  • Have dinner at Lion Noir.
  • Watch a film at Rialto Cinema, as it's just around the corner from us.
  • Spend a night in the CitizenM Hotel. (Yes, I know I technically live in Amsterdam now but I've been wanting to check out this design-focused chain of hotel which are popping up in all of my favourite cities so the way I see it is, if I stay in the one in Amsterdam, I'll save myself an airfare!)
  • Buy pumpkins from the farmer's market at Noordmarkt.Get into the habit of buying flowers from the market every Saturday morning.
  • Take my brother and his family for a Rijstaffel, a Dutch-Indonesian right of passage.
  • Try pickled herring.
  • Take NewMan back to Toscanini for a romantic Italian dinner.
  • Go back to Moeders, and maybe leave a photo of my Mum there, maybe...Go to Cafe Brecht.
  • Stay up too late dancing in CC Muziek Cafe.
  • Take the boat over to Noord Amsterdam.
  • Go to Rijksmuseum.
  • And then pop over to Stedilijk Museum.
  • Work my way through this list of Amsterdam's finest cocktail bars.
  • Hire a pedalo to get around the canals. It's so touristy and the weather is turning against me, but I really want to do this.Drag NewMan around NEMO museum and then take photos from the top of its sloping roof.
  • Find the best latte macchiato in this city.
  • Share drinks and dinner with our new neighbours as often as possible.
  • Take part in an Amsterdam Delicious tour.
  • Take photos of the trees turning golden alongside the canals.
  • Eat a Taart van m'n Taante...
  • Try some Brazilian and Turkish food as these communities appear to live close to us.Cycle to Haarlem again. (But NOT via Schiphol this time, that was hard work)
  • Eat more Surinam roti.
  • Find an outfit or two from the flea market at Waterlooplein.
  • Go to EYE.
  • Go back to FOAM with a friend who loves photography as much as I do.
  • Fall in love with Amsterdam more and more every day...
  • What's your wishlist of things you hope to do this autumn where you are?
  • Stay with City Centre Retreat Amsterdam Apartments
Thanks for reading.