Sunday, February 9, 2014

Haal het meeste uit je citytrip en koop uw kaartjes met korting bij Ticketbar!

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Haal het meeste uit je citytrip en koop uw kaartjes met korting bij Ticketbar! 

8). Daalder - Amsterdam Restaurant

There are some great neighborhood joints in Jordaan, and Daalder one of the best examples in the area with a relaxing atmosphere and a brilliant outside terrace for those sunny days.

It has a lot to offer in terms of food and service without being touristy at all. Daalder specializes in tasting menus, from 3 to 6 courses although we only often have a 3 course meal this is usually enough to satisfy your needs. At around 40 euros its not Burger King prices yet we at City Centre Retreat think it's a great deal for the standard and quality that will be delivered to your table. 

An example 3 course meal is as follows. The first, an incredible pumpkin soup with cod and leeks, which if very flavorful and beautifully plated. The second, pork belly with five spices, which was perfectly seared and paired wonderfully with a Riesling. Then there is a perfect duck course, which was also very good and paired wonderfully with a Beaujolais. And dessert, while very light, was the most intensely flavored basil ice cream with some cream and fruits. The service was solid, it's very personal, the chef often comes out on several occasions to see how everyone it doing. We loved the juxtaposition of the informal nature of the restaurant with the formal tasting menu, and would definitely recommend Daalder!

Not to be missed on a Summers evening!!!!