Monday, January 20, 2014

2). A Valentine Holiday Break in Rome

Rome for Valentines Day
Today City Centre Retreat have ranked Rome in our top 10 holiday destinations for Valetines day. What better place is there to spend Valentine’s Day than Rome – a city who literally gives its name to the word “romance”? Okay, I’m not really going to go into the etymology here, but I’m sure there’s got to be some kind of connection there.  Plus, and perhaps more relevantly, St. Valentine himself, the martyred saint whose feast day we commemorate with chalky heart-shaped candies, boxes of sweets, and a dozen long-stemmed roses presented over a candle-lit dinner of rare steak, truffled risotto, and a dense, dark chocolate torte (sorry, got a little carried away there), is buried here in Rome up on the Via Flaminia. And, although no known celebrations of Valentine’s Day as a festival of love are recorded prior to Chaucer’s 14th Century poem “Parliament of Foules”, and St. Valentine’s connection to the day is quite a bit less than vague at best, Rome still seems like a pretty sweet place to get your romance on. And so, for all you romantics out there, the city is tossing plenty of lovely options at you to celebrate the day of love. Check out our blog for other details here.

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