Friday, July 25, 2014

20 Bars To Drink In

1. The Rock Restaurant - Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock Restaurant - Zanzibar, Tanzania
This joint is built on a rock out in the sea off the coast of Zanzibar. In low tide you can walk to it but if the tide is high you’re gonna need a boat, although BarChick says earn that ‘n swim it! A cocktail on the rocks just got a whole new meaning.

2. Oblix at The Shard - London, UK

Oblix at The Shard - London, UK
Love your heights? Get yourself to the tallest building in Europe and on the 32nd floor you’ll find one of the best views of London and some of the most banging cocktails in town. Win, win!

3. Modern Toilet - Taipei, Taiwan

Modern Toilet - Taipei, Taiwan
Designed around all things bathroom related - meals are served in mini toilets, cocktails in small urinals, the tables are baths with glass tops and the seats are toilets.

4. Bar Longhi - Venice, Italy

Bar Longhi - Venice, Italy
This terrace is ON the Grand Canal, views don’t get better than this, plus you’ll have gondolas pretty much brushing past your feet. Inside it’s the sexiest bar in Venice, hell maybe even Europe, even the Queen stays here when she’s in this hood. If it’s good enough for the Queen…

5. Cave Bar - Petra, Jordan

Cave Bar - Petra, Jordan
This is for all you Indiana Jones fans out there, bring your rope and candles and get your adventure on. The Cave Bar is a 2000 year old Nabataean tomb that someone has converted into a pretty neat bar.

6. Penguin No Iru - Tokyo, Japan

Penguin No Iru - Tokyo, Japan
A bar where you can feed penguins!? Sure, we do feel sorry for them being paraded in their little glass home but it’s gotta beat getting eaten by sea lions.

7. Sky Bar - Bangkok, Thailand

Sky Bar - Bangkok, Thailand
If you’re going to get high, you might as well get as high as you can…correct? On the 63rd floor of The Dome at State tower, this is one of the highest open air bars in the world and the view is mega!

8. The Willy T - Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

The Willy T - Norman Island, British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands are the perfect setting for the wild times that go down on this floating bar and restaurant. Once lunch is over it’s time to PARTY. Expect body shots, whipped cream, cherries and being handcuffed to the bar… it’s always on at The Willy T!

9. Hobbit House - Manila, Philippines

Hobbit House - Manila, Philippines
Love Lord of The Rings? This is THE bar for you. This Lord of the Rings themed bar has taken the concept very seriously and only employs midgets to work here. Go shorty.

10. Carpe Diem Island - Hvar, Croatia

Carpe Diem Island - Hvar, Croatia
If you’re looking for a party, it doesn’t get much better than a party island. From 1am boats ferry you across to the island where you’ll find fires, swimming pools, palm trees, world famous DJs, Champagne lounges, podiums, and the most epic dance floor of all time.

11. Eternity - Truskavets, Ukraine

Eternity - Truskavets, Ukraine
Who doesn’t fancy drinking in the world’s largest coffin? The 66-foot-long, 20-foot-wide, and 20-foot-high casket is actually a bar run by undertakers - sure it’s a little morbid, but we hear people are dying to get in.

12. Sa Trinxa - Ibiza

Sa Trinxa - Ibiza
This place was cool back when your mama was still swinging. Located at the very end of Salinas it isn’t somewhere you stumble upon, you either know about it, or you don’t. The dive board into the sea is increasingly inviting as the Sangria slips down. Kate Moss shimmys here so you probably should too.

13. Clermont Lounge - Atlanta, USA

Clermont Lounge - Atlanta, USA
It may be the longest running strip club in the city but the strippers here are a bit… erm… alternative? Some are over 60, some are overweight and others covered in tattoos. They choose their own songs to dance to and Blondie crushes beer cans with her t*ts! Sexy.

14. La Capilla De Don Javier - Mexico

La Capilla De Don Javier - Mexico
Bartenders pilgrimage to this back street bar in Tequila Town to meet it’s legendary, 92 year old owner Don Javier, and drink his signature drink - The Batanga. Simple but legendary, it’s one of those drinks you’ve just gotta try.

15. Pierre & Friends - Beirut, Lebanon

Pierre & Friends - Beirut, Lebanon
Going for an afternoon ‘dip’ at Pierre and Friends more often than not ends up in a crazy evening of cocktail drinking and shisha smoking. When the sun goes down jump off the big rock in front of the wooden bar into the seemingly shallow water. You’ll probably pull. Oh and closing time is whenever Pierre feels like closing.

16. PDT - New York, USA

PDT - New York, USA
It might be NYC’s worst hidden speakeasy, but even without the secrecy PDT (aka Please Don’t Tell) was one of the first bars in NYC to get cocktail making bang on. Owner Jim Meehan has gone on to write cocktail books and is a legend, find that phone booth and get inside for the best cocktails of your life.

17. John Moore Rum Shack - Barbados

John Moore Rum Shack - Barbados
Sometimes all you need in life is rum, and Barbados does it so damn well. Head to the John Moore Rum Shack (yes, shack) grab a quarter bottle of rum and a couple of cokes from the fridge, head outside, pull up a crate and enjoy on the beach with the locals. It don’t get more authentic than this.

18. Beacher’s Madhouse - LA, USA

Beacher's Madhouse - LA, USA
Dwarves, dancing, Miley Cyrus riding a giant d*ck and all round debauchery - this has gotta be the most outrageous bar out there. It’s the only place in the world you can sit back and watch ‘flying’ little people being shot out of a cannon while you sip cocktails and eat breast shaped cakes. Expect the unexpected.

19. Artesian - London, UK

Artesian - London, UK
Voted ‘Best Bar in the World’ so it’s a no brainer for the bucket list. Wicked service, perfect cocktails and the bar team’s outrageous antics… ask them about their cocktails aged in leather, you’ll see what we mean. Kinky.

20. The Submarine Bar - St Moritz

The Submarine Bar - St Moritz
A bar, on a frozen lake, in the middle of one of the worlds finest ski resorts, YEP you heard us right. Oh and the bar is in a U-boat, that appears to have broken through the ice. Sure it was a pop up, but the genius Andreas Reinhard has plans for more crazy bars all over the world, just you wait.


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