Thursday, June 5, 2014

11 Awesome Home Office Ideas for Small Apartments

Fitting a home office into a small apartment can seem like an impossible thing to do. But, if you think that, you can’t be more wrong. Just look at these awesome ideas for home offices. You will definitely find something that you like!

1. Under The Bed

Under The Bed
If you don’t have anywhere to put your office desk in your small apartment, then this will be the perfect solution for you. All you need is a loft bed and you can put your office desk underneath it.

2. Dark Woord Office Station
Wall-mounted office station

This home office is just perfect! Adding some flowers on the desk, personal items or some paintings above it can help the area fits in with the rest of the apartment.

3. Bookshelf Desk
Bookshelf Desk

You can’t even say that this is the office! It blends in perfectly with rest of the apartment! It’s really the simplest solution for a home office!

4. Small Office Desk
Small Office Desk

If you don’t have much space in your apartment, then you have to find a smaller desk like this one. It’s simple and yet perfect – it has place for your computer and also some space on the desk for your papers and of course, cup of coffee.

5. Turn Your Closet Into An Office

Closet Office
Turning your closet into an office is a great idea if you’re limited with space. If your office desk is always messy, you don’t have to worry about that. You will have an office that can easily be hidden when company arrives.

6. Double Desk
Double Desk

If you think that it’s impossible to put two office desks into your small apartment, then think twice! Two desks on a bookshelf – isn’t this amazingly clever idea?

7. Hanging Laptop Organizer
Hanging Laptop Organizer

Perfect idea for a small apartment is a hanging work station! You can put it anywhere in the apartment, where ever you have some free space.

8. Wall-mounted Desk
Wall-mounted Desk

If you like the minimalistic furniture, this office desk is a perfect choice for you. It’s wall-mounted, so it will not take lots of your precious space.

9. Office on a Hallway
Office on a Hallway

This one is perfect for anyone who just needs a laptop to work. It’s neat and simple and it’s a great way to use that small pass-through between two rooms. Awesome!

10. Corner Desk
Corner Desk

When you have a small apartment, you have to use space-saving furniture. Like this corner desk, for example! We all have some unused corner in our apartments, so why not put a desk there?

11. Fold-Out Convertible Writing Desk
Fold-Out Convertible Writing Desk

This wall-mounted writing desk is a great idea for any small apartment. It’s simple and modern so it will fit in any room. It’s such a clever design, don’t you agree?


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