Saturday, May 31, 2014

Under This Tree In Cuba, There’s A Secret World. Enter At Your Own Risk

Cuba has a secret for people. And it’s hidden under this tree. Take a photographic walk and discover what it is.

1. A stone path 10 minutes from the city of Trinidad, Cuba, begins your journey to a magical place.
2. Make a turn and you’ll see unkempt grass and a dirt road. Keep walking.
3. Up ahead, there’s a normal looking tree. But walk up there and get a closer look.
4. Right below the tree is an entrace marked “Disco Ayala”. A simple club? Maybe not.
5. Walk down these stairs…
6. Even further down…
7. You begin to see what makes the club so special.
8. The layout, the structure, all utilize the natural cave formations.
9. You’ll find a bar with Cuban drinks: mojito, cervez and Cuba libres.
10. Don’t expect to spend the night sitting down. You won’t want to.
11. Because this main dance floor awaits you.
12. If you need a quieter place, head up to the two smaller dance floors up behind the DJ booth.
13. Here’s a look at one of the smaller dance floors. During the day, natural light that floods the cave.
14. Natural cave formations over the years gives the Disco Ayala its unique character.
15. Disco Ayala opened more than 30 years ago.
16. With all the people, it warms up in there quite quickly.
17. Another view of the dance floor.
18. Come at 1 A.M. and enjoy the club shows including men eating broken glass, acrobatics, walking on fire and moving tables with their teeth.

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