Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Soft Decoration in Home Space

 Life is inseparable from space. In home space, it is difficult to give a separate definition to life space. To make a distinction between the characteristics and properties of different spaces, living space in this book refers to the living room and the dinning room.

Living rooms and dinning rooms serve as the centre of family holiday life and the main sites for family gathering. Compared with other home spaces, living space enjoys the most intimate relationship to men, thus having more meticulous and rigorous requirements for soft decoration.. Living room is the main room of family life, the locality for such activities as sitting, reading, relaxing
and gathering as well as the space to receive and entertain guests. What deserves the designers’ studious consideration more before the soft decoration design of the living room is the spatial role of the living room: whether it is a place mainly for resting or working; a site for guests entertaining or receiving; a space featuring the general decoration or the collection display. However, the role of the space is determined on the basis of men, their demands and tastes. In the soft decoration design of the living room, the design content of different parts including doors, windows, the sofa and the like should be determined in line with the frame feature of the space. Moreover, the diversified effects of the decoration viewing from each and every angle should be also took into consideration. The design of the living room would exert more multidimensional effects and still smoother and more natural proceeding with the above aspects.

Dinning room is a place where we can have dinner, talk and share happiness as well as a locale to get together all the family members and enjoy the good times. Located between the kitchen and the living room, the dinning room seldom enjoys its own independent space. For the non-independent dinning room, the one next to the kitchen or the living room, the soft decoration would begin with bringing changes into the design to make the dinning room a functional space rather than simply regarding it as the only place for dinning. Meanwhile, dinning room can be used to have a family meeting as well and the dinning table acts as the meeting holder besides the dishes carrier. As the core of home soft decoration, the design of the rest space should manifest the personality and style of the owner, which needs the designer to set the basic tone and the decorative style of the space in the decorative design process according to the owner’s demand. Apart from offering people the place for sleeping, the bedroom can also perform such functions as changing room, powder room, study and media room, which needs us to attach great importance to the style of soft decoration while donating various functions to it.

In home space, almost all the spaces such as the dinning room, the living room and even the bedroom where a couple sleep in the hug of each other are open spaces that can be shared together. Only the lavatory that needs to be locked is the space enjoyed by somebody himself. In this sense, we call lavatory the private space. The soft decoration of the lavatory, the single private space in the home space, should take into account its functionality.

The lavatory should comprise such functional areas as the washroom, the bathroom and the toilet. The soft decoration of different areas should be carried out on the basis of the varied functions of each part so as to delight people’s vision and relax their mind.

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