Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Holiday Bathrooms

CCR recognizes the importance of a fantastic bathroom. Such activities as daily washing, personal cleanness after using the toilet and clothes sorting are all completed in the washroom, so it is an area with the highest utilization rate in the lavatory. The design elements of the washroom usually comprise the washbasin or the wash dais, the locker, the storage rack, the mirror, the lights and the like. The washbasin and the wash dais are inseparable from each other. 

 It is certain that different materials can achieve different decorative effects which lead to varied psychological feelings of people. The wash dais refers to the table facet used to support the washbasin and the cabinet under the table facet. The choices and design of different table facets, the main decorative elements of the washrooms, may produce different visual perceptions as well.

The locker and the storage rack are used for storing articles. The accessories with strong decorative sense and the articles for daily uses which can produce decorative effects can enliven the spatial atmosphere and intensify the decorative effects after being placed on the storage rack.
As the necessities in the washroom, mirrors are used by people to watch themselves clearly. The decorative function of the mirror, an decorative element that cannot be ignored, lies in that it can enlarge the space visually by enriching the space content with its reflective function. The lighting design can enliven the spatial atmosphere. The lighting of the washroom should feature brightness and it is necessary to offer the local lighting.

 Combining lights, colour and patterns, the decoration of the washroom endows the space with more sense of beauty and visual enjoyment.

The combination of hard stone and lively green plants creates the contrastive juxtaposition of coolness and

warmth. In this way, the bathroom is harmoniously enriched.

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