Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kigo Short-Stay Management Services

Starting our short-stay company 2 years ago with business partner Eddy was always going to be a learning experience for us with no knowledge of working in that environment. We immediately found a need for some way to manage our bookings across the variety of channels. So, after speaking with Housetrip, reading some reviews and speaking with the Kigo team, we decided that they appeared to offer the best solution for us.

Having decided to go with Kigo 2 years ago we got started immediately, it was a learning experience working with the Kigo and we have found a lot of great advantages to doing so. For us as a small short-stay agent, it has not only allowed us to synchronize our calendars and manage our bookings but also set out suggestions for ways to work such as the checking in and cleaning scheduling, smoothed out our operations with automatic email notifications, provided payment tracks and wage paying reports, brought us in contact with other agents and a long list of other things all for great value. We pay 110euros per months for all of this AND the calendar sync function on all our properties. This allows our availability to be updated automatically on channels such as Housetrip and Over the 2 years it has become a lot easier to set these up and Kigo are working harder even still to improve on this.

We’ve also decided to use an additional function Kigo offer called channel manager. This will have Kigo build you a website like our one here and enable you to connect with other agents marketing there properties on your own site. For us (and them to some extent I think) this is completely new and although a sub path to our main business plan it is one we enjoy working on and wish to continue developing.

Kigo are the only company that I know offering these services so they may be revolutionary in there business model. The staff at Kigo is very busy but always doing their best to schedule, arrange, look at and deliver services. In such a developing, fast moving, complete serviced environment they must feel like nothing is good enough sometimes. Having worked for 12 years on the development of back-office infrastructures for large coops such as IBM, KPMG and Liberty Global using standards with ITIL processes and PRINCE2 methodologies I do feel my expectations are unrealistically to high sometimes.  We are always bugging Kigo with idea's and questions so they must really think we are not satisfied with them. Nothing could be further from the truth however. Kigo is a great idea for managing you bookings, trying to connect with the channels and really great value for money. But don’t tell them that!

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