Sunday, March 30, 2014

CCR - Soft Space, Decorating our Properties

Nowadays people begin to pay more and more attention to residential interior design, which clearly indicates the increasing importance of our home living quality. Good circulation and aesthetic “interior hardware” are indispensable for comfortable home spaces. A good circulation design will help create a warm ambience, and a piece of artistic “hardware” will welcome you home every day with a delightful mood. However, in home interior design there’s something that is often ignored, or even unprofessionally treated. 

That is decoration, or the popularly so-called “soft decoration”. Soft decoration usually involves visual, tactile and sometimes olfactory senses. A good soft decoration will not only complement the “hardware” of an interior in terms of diversity and comfort, but also reveal the taste and personality of the master. Unfortunately, more often than not, home decoration is treated in an unprofessional way. It is harmful, instead of helpful, to the aesthetic “hardware” an interior designer has created, and even will visually disturb the entire space. A situation a designer often encounters is that he spares no effort in creating an enjoyable living space, and gives it to the client who relentlessly destroys it with farfetched soft decoration. For this holiday accommodation the owner really created some magic with some soft decoration.

Hence we say the re-establishment of clients’ taste is a rather practical problem. The client should have due respect to the expertise of
designers, and believe in and take their advice, in order to have a harmonious environment at home. However, that’s not something a designer could completely control – after all, he won’t be involved in the client’s life after completing the “hardware” of the house. In this sense, I think the re-creation of aesthetics with soft decoration is the real challenge in home interior design.

How to make up a home is really something that deserves learning and requires some aesthetic accomplishment as well. I’m glad to my properties
with such a collection of beautiful home interior designs, because for both professional designers and laymen who are willing to improve their living
quality, it would be an inspiring and valuable reference.

All in all, I hope everyone could find his paradise when returning home every day.

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