Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wows and throws of a city traveler - Part 1

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Barcelona - Most Grievous Scam

Cruising there here, here and there

Travelling along the beautiful moonlit landscape of the Pyrenees', on an overnight bus from San Sebastian destined for Barcelona, could and should have been a rather tranquil, relaxing journey, with sleep coming to one with ease, albeit you don't have to compete your own minds thoughts against the frantic, electric buzz of a fellow passengers inconsiderate (in-coherent in my opinion) headphones.

After a lovely morning fix of café negro, my torturous night was happily behind me and a warm sunny winters day, courtesy of Barcelona's tourist board awoke to greet me.

Wondering in an out of the 14th century Gothic Quarter, cannot fail to capture even the most nullified of minds. With the feudal architecture surrounding and consuming your bewildered eyes gaze, its quite easy to lose yourself in this amazing part of the city. To then stumble out of a small off angled street, into the wows and throws of a busy commercial shopping street. Gives this fine city such a beautiful contrast of the old and new, which is very hard to hold onto in this ever changing world.

The general hustle an bustle of most cities can be slightly off putting for your average one week a year Northern English holiday maker. But thankfully Barcelona is full of smiling, courteous, polite delightful people. Of which I was fortunate enough to experience first hand. When I was relieved to of been relieved of my travel bag, by a very charming young gentleman without any teeth.

Unfortunately every city has their dark sides, as people must find a way to tolerate their insufferable lives and enter the game of becoming a 'highly professional scam artist'. A career which often leads towards the occasional dabble of pumping heroin into your ever collapsing veins. Due to the strenuous daily routine of gaining from another human beings trust in man kind and wallowing in ones own self pity. Now maybe the drugs came first and the scamming followed, but I have no semblance on the way life shit all over these fine young people and set them on there paths.

But the biggest and most unforgiving would be the desecration of a national treasure 'The English Breakfast'.

Quite simply put 'sold me bacon, egg and pancakes'.

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
'George Augustus Moore'

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