Tuesday, February 11, 2014

6). Best places to eat in Amsterdam : Broodje Bert

Its a gem of a recommendation this!!!

The place to go for a quick health tasty well prices brunch! This central little sandwich shop it a favorite with to locals so if your lucky enough there you will be one to direct you to it. Its a gem of a recommendation this!!! This is a very small shop with outdoor seating; great for passing time and watching the passers-by. 

3 of City Centre Retreats favorite orders are the BLT special the Old cheese and roast beef special and the tuna melt special all with lots and lots of vegetables. Its not really possible to fit all the goodies into the bread to be picked up so its most definitely a knife and fork affair! 

The amount of tuna you get it amazing, all fresh and flaky with accompanying fresh lettuce/veggies and a light delicious dressing. The roast beef and cheese was a similar affair, both served on very good bread. You'r certainly be full after getting through these and its all great value. 3 sandwiches and waters will came to about 20 euros..find better food and at a better price in Amsterdam?; I think not! 

Great Sandwiches on fresh bread. This place is perfect to grab a some food and sit out on a bench for a quick picnic. It can get busy so get there before or after lunch hours. It's cheap and high quality. This might be the best sandwich spot in Amsterdam in the classic dutch style. They have something for everyone. The place is a family run business and they are always very nice, pleasant and kind. This is a terrific, casual sandwich stop so do yourself a favor and stop into Broodje Bert.

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