Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5). Best places to eat in Amsterdam - Moods Coffee Corner


Moods Coffer Corner - Amsterdam
Simply the best cafe in Amsterdam (and believe us, after 8 years of living in Amsterdam, we have visited pretty much all of them!) The best quality coffee (we recommend their specialty - Moods - latte with marshmallows!), amazing organic tea and delicious sandwiches. Their hot chocolate is with no doubts the best one in Amsterdam - instead of the usual warmed-up Chocomel. 

Moods serves real melted chocolate pellets (dark, white and anything in between) :) And don't forget about their hot chocolate mousse in... 32 different tastes! 

This cafe is based on the outer edge of the Jordaan area so its a nice 20 minute walk from the centre.

If that wasn't enough, the service is amazing. They are all very friendly, always smiling and helpful. I'm sure that if you try Moods once, you will come back again! City Centre Retreat's are there every week... :)


At Moods Coffee Corner, guests can choose from a large array of fresh, natural and particularly healthy products, from natural teas with different flavors, to fresh handmade fruit smoothies. Alongside, we offer cold and warm sandwiches, as well as pastry, delicious chocolate souffles, traditional Dutch apple pie and cheese cake.

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