Friday, February 14, 2014

3). Greenwoods Restaurant - Top 10 places to eat in Amsterdam.

Highly recommend this cute little restaurant for breakfast or brunch.

If everywhere in Amsterdam considers a 'crumble' of cheese to be a massive slab on top of a burger then everyone will get on well here! Lovely food and cozy cozy cozy! 

On first glance at Greenwoods restaurant you will think are we going to squeeze in because everything is slightly cramped, however, once your in and sitting down you realize its actually cozy, not cramped. 

The breakfast is amazing and the presentation impeccable. Not one of us at City Centre Retreat have any faults with our meals or the service that we have received at this place.

The best way to describe the breakfast? Well it was posh and generous, not your greasy spoon breakfast that;s for sure. Who ever said salmon is not right? There are 2 Greenwoods in Amsterdam : near Flowers' Market and close to Jordaan.

This is by far one of the finest places to eat breakfast or lunch anywhere on the planet! The food is absolutely spot on. From the fresh home made bread to the freshly brewed mint tea and everything in between Greenwoods is a must try for any Foodie or lover of great food! Especially the bread! Allow me to pontificate about how great her homemade bread is! The bread made here is truly the finest bread in the world!

If consistency is the key to running a successful restaurant then Greenwoods on Singel is going to be tremendously successful. Kudos to the owner for running a great place! Good service and a perfect meal make this restaurant a must try when one is in Amsterdam.

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