Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1). Best place to eat in Amsterdam - Zaza

Zaza's is definitely one of a kind and such an absolute gem. The restaurant is located in the Oud Zuid area of Amsterdam and serve very very delicious food in a nice atmosphere with good service and music.. 

If you are going to Amsterdam for a few days go eat there the first night. You will probably want to go back. Every single dish they put in front of you is of a very high quality.

When looking at the menu you will see that there is no main for less than 17,50, of which the cheapest is the vegetarian option of Ravioli which we strongly recommend trying whether your a vegetarian or not. Another option is the venison, truffle mash, caramelized red onion and a cream tart which is 23 euros. This dish is amazing and worth every single penny!!!! The desserts were fantastic, try the baileys cheesecake or perhaps the bread and butter pudding. For the full menu click here

Its very very important that you book and reserve well in advance. You can do this online here and you won't be disappointed!

Absolutely outstanding food presentation, fresh and tasty ingredients and most of all fantastic eye for detail. If it comes to celebrating something special or just having a romantic eve with one special then this is our number 1 place to be!

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