Thursday, January 23, 2014

Top tips for a good sleep!

What makes a good sleep?
By James Evans

Let’s be honest, most of us love sleeping, that feeling of allowing your poor over worked brain to just clear itself and for your tense body to finally relax.
I myself have spent many long hours of my entire life studying this subject and now I see myself as qualified as any a candidate for expressing valid views on what makes a good sleep.
Here are my 8 essential tips for an awesome fantastic sleep!

1). the Room! 

The room you sleep in is important; it must be completely dark even at day light and as sound prof as possible. We don’t want anything in real world disturbing our awesome dreams and a zone of peace and relaxation! Also important is the room temperature. It’s good to have it a bit colder than when you’d be awake around the house as your body likes to cool itself when entering mid sleep. This temperature varies with body sizes, for me it’s a 19.5 degree fixed number which works perfectly!

2). the Bed! 

It’s important to have enough space in your bed to spread your wings and allow your body to be free. If your sharing a bed then we need at least 2 meters in width. Get in there first and claim land!! Rome was not built over night but your bed empire can be!!

3). the Mattress! 

People that think a softer mattress is better need to have their brain examined. The truth is you want a nice firm bed, ideally memory foam, this will support your back correctly and give you comfort with longevity. Soft mattresses may feel comfortable at first but give them a couple of hours and your back will be extremely angered at your lack of intelligence!

4). the Sheets! 

Soft sheet, it’s not rocket science, cleaned once a week, simple!

5). the Quilt & Pillows.  

Have you ever felt what it’s like to sleep with an Iceland Eider Duck fevered quilt??? Well nether have I and I am are not going to spend 5000euros to find out either!!!! You probably do want to set aside 200euros for this. Never share a blanket!!! It amazes me how many people find this acceptable. You need to wrap that thing around you in all the right places allowing air to flow where best. You have your den and its not to be disturbed by anyone else!! Awesome!

 6). the Body Position.

People have different opinions on this but if you do the science the truth you need to lay on either side with your arm closest to the bed behind your back. You’ll almost be face down on the bed and it may not feel comfortable at first but give it some time!! It is not a popular choice but having tested this and now using it for years I can confirm it is the best position. Trust me!!

7). the Rations. 

When going to bed, clean your teeth and bring some water. You don’t want to have to get out of bed once your there!

8). Don’t Burst the bubble. 

Finally it’s vital to have the right amount of sleep, not too much and definitely not too little. I find 9 – 10 hours per night perfect. If possible don’t set an alarm clock; just allow your brain to wake. On first wake its OK to go back to sleep and give your brain an extra top up, however on the second wake it’s important not to push it and get your lazy backside up! Don’t worry thou, have a cup of coffee and a few hours’ work and then its siesta time!!!!!

Hope this helps in some ways, I'd be interested to hear any other peoples thoughts on this. Lets face it, a huge amount of every ones time is taken up by sleeping so we must all have valid views on the subject. 

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