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Greece Holiday Information

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Greece Holiday Accommodation
Greece Holiday Accommodation
There is something magical about Greece. It’s the alluring combination of the magnificent archaeological sites that vividly recall Greece’s rich past and the magnetism of more than 1400 islands harbouring breathtaking beaches that guarantee you a deep tan while soaking up a chilled-out vibe. It’s a combination that makes for guilt-free travel – a slice of history served alongside a healthy slice of hedonism – and that makes Greece one of the most popular destinations on the planet.

While this is the Greece for most tourists, there’s plenty to occupy travellers with more adrenalin-focussed activities in mind. Intrepid visitors can mountain climb, hike, windsurf and even hit the ski slopes. No matter what your aspirations, you cannot wander far without stumbling across a broken column, a crumbling bastion or a tiny Byzantine church, each neglected and forgotten but retaining an aura of their former glory.
Perhaps, though, the true allure of Greece is due to less tangible attributes – the dazzling clarity of the light, the floral aromas that permeate the air, the spirit of the place – for there is hardly a grove, mountain or stream that is not sacred to a deity, and the ghosts of the past still linger everywhere.
Among the myriad attractions, travellers to Greece inevitably end up with a favourite site they long to return to – get out there and find yours.
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